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About Monk Optics

Monk Optics were the leading specialists in the optical market for over 20 years, combining specialist knowledge with a dedicated service.

We were a leading supplier of marine and stabilised binoculars, image intensifiers and specialist equipment, many of which were used by the RNLI, HM Coast-guards, HM Customs & Excise and the Police.

Monk Optics Ltd company headquartersMonk Optics Ltd
Registered in England.
Registration No. 3869581

Registered Office:
Wye Valley Observatory,
The Old School, Brockweir,
NP16 7NW

V.A.T. Registration No.
GB 348 1728 39

Monk Optics is closing on 31st October 20172017

a veiw from the showroom
The company began in 1979, taking a mobile exhibition unit to sporting events around the country. From this direct contact with the customer in the environment in which they were intending to use the product, a tremendous amount of knowledge of both the customers's requirements and the binoculars suitability was quickly gained.

The different specifications required between someone interested in horse racing, hunting or bird watching for instance soon became apparent, allowing staff to offer valuable advice to customers. Being placed in the relevant surroundings gave customers the immediate opportunity to test the products performance against their specific requirements, a benefit that is lost when products are sold through high street outlets. This was also an influencing factor when the showroom was established, preferring to remain in the countryside with spectacular views over the Wye Valley, rather than in a town centre.

With very little emphasis being placed on advertising, the company expanded through word of mouth, customer recommendations and a growing reputation.
The selection of binoculars expanded at a steady pace, so that a thorough understanding of the complete product range could be retained and the quality of advice never compromised. Marine binoculars became an area of expertise, recognised by the Fuji Photo Optical Co. who authorised Monk Optics as the sole importers and distributors of their Fujinon binoculars in the UK.
With a thorough understanding of binoculars gained, the company became involved in the sale of more specialised equipment such as stabilised binoculars and night-vision. With such fast developing products, the need to employ more technically specialised staff became apparent and so the Technical Research and Development Department was created. This has allowed the company to remain at the forefront of the industry, offering advice on the more specialist equipment and using its valuable contact with customers to advise manufacturers on possible developments of their products. Working in conjunction with the experienced staff in the workshop, the technical department also has the knowledge and ability to upgrade and customise products on site to individual specifications.

 Fuji 7x50 PRO-45-SX marine binocular

Many of the company's most highly regarded and best selling products have been created this way. For example, the Fujinon FMTR-SX, a very high quality marine binocular, was felt to have been let down by its 30mm compass. After detailed in-house research the PRO 45 was produced by Monk Optics, incorporating a more highly damped 45mm compass, which complements the quality of the optics, resulting in a better standard of binocular overall.

On a larger scale Monk Optics Ltd upgraded the Fujinon Starscope , a development that Fujinon thought unviable at the time, with more advanced image-intensifying tubes. The Super Starscope 2000 series is now supplied to over 200 RNLI lifeboats.
The ability does not end with adaptations. The Monk Explorer was researched and designed by our technical team and then constructed to their specifications, to create an affordable compact binocular that rivals well-known names such as Leica.

Observation binoculars became an area of interest, though sales of these giant high powered binoculars were previously low due to limitations such as price and quality. Following extensive trials, a series of very high quality observation binoculars at affordable prices was introduced to the Monk Optics range, with the National Coastwatch Institute and HM Coastguards amongst those supplied. The quality of these products was confirmed following a visit to the Chinese factory, to inspect the workmanship from beginning to end.

Well known for its specialist knowledge and quality of service Monk Optics continued to expand and became dominant in its market area, whilst many other companies in the optical market were experiencing a downturn in profits and turnover.

The company's reputation spread worldwide with overseas contracts on the increase. The Malaysian Navy purchase night-vision equipment and a selection of binoculars and their Fire Service use day/night stabiscopes. Within the UK products were also supplied for professional use by companies such as the Police, National Crime Squad, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Environment Agency and HM Customs and Excise.
Monk Optics Ltd has also had the partonage of the Royal Family, owners of compact binoculars and night vision equipment.

Monk Optics Ltd. Registered in England. Registration No. 3869581

Registered Office: Wye Valley Observatory, The Old School, Brockwier, Chepstow, NP16 7NW

V.A.T. Registration No. GB 348 1728 39

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